Sizzle and Grill: Pottery for your Barbecue

The essence of grilling is capturing the smoky flavor in every savory bite. The Clay Coyote Flameware Grill Basket allows you to encapsulate that taste and grill your food evenly without burning. The Grill Basket is uniquely designed with a small bulb handle and tab for you to grab and control your basket on and off the grill. (But make sure to use a hot pad when handling as they like to hold onto the heat). The small handle is designed to maximize grilling space and allow the grill lid to close. From layering veggies and meat or making skewer-less shish kabobs, you can cook a variety of vegetables and meats together that will come out perfect every time.

Unique and crafted in Hutchinson, Minnesota, the Clay Coyote Flameware Grill Basket is one of the only handmade, clay grill baskets available in the USA. It's the perfect gift for someone who loves to grill!

The flameware grill basket is handmade and wheel thrown at the Clay Coyote studio in Minnesota. It measures 10" across and 2" deep.

Flameware Grill Basket