A beautiful bracelet for every day and every occasion. The sterling silver Tendril Cuff Bracelet is delicately formed and curves to wrap your wrist, reminiscent of a rose climbing a trellis. Soft curves and exquisite polishing make this bracelet comfortable and smooth to the touch. Sterling silver and 14kt gold overlay.*


*Thesterling silver/14kt gold overlay is a precious metal laminate fabricated at Ed Levin's request over 35 years ago. A 14kt sheet is bonded to a sterling sheet, then rolled or formed into flat sheet, wire, or tube for hand fabrication.  This special metal ranges up to 34% 14kt gold by weight and should not be confused with vermeil or gold gilled. Vermeil is a thin electroplating measured in microns and the gold content is virtually unmeasurable as a percentage of the overall weight. Gold-filled is a process by which a layer of at least 10k gold has been mechanically bonded to a base metal.



"Tendril" Cuff Bracelet Sterling/14kt Overlay

SKU: ED-BR540ss/14ktov