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One of a kind pair of opal earrings set in 14kt gold. The opals are a rare form of opalized seashell from Australia, and it is even rarer to find matching pieces. The lapidary work is by Bruce London from Harwich on Cape Cod.  The metal work is by S&R Goldsmiths in Olreans, also on Cape Cod. Earrings measure 3/4" across by 1/2" high.


Australia's opal mining areas were once an inland sea. Many fossils are found in these ancient beds, including opalized sea shells. A shell gets buried in the sand. The organic matter decays, leaving a shell-shaped void in the sand. The void fills with sand-bearing water that solidifies over time to become precious opal. These full color shells and shell fragments are exceptionally rare. 

Opal & 14kt Gold Earrings


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