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Passion moon jellyfish blown glass sculpture. Measures 4.5" high. Since each piece is one of a kind the size and color may vary a bit. Upon request we can email a photo of the pieces in our collection.


California glass artist Richard Satava focused his attention on ocean life and nautical themes in the 1990's. Stemming from a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which enabled him to view jellyfish in an exceptional setting, much like viewing art at a gallery, he knew then that he needed to capture the nature of the jellyfish in glass. After spending three years experimenting with various formulas to achieve the translucent colors needed to make the jellyfish, finally by 1995 the series was ready for display. The Moon Jellyfish fast became one of his most successful creations and since that time has been prized by glass collectors from around the world. Each piece is signed and numbered. 




The process can vary depending on each design. Making a jellyfish sculpture begins with a gather of clear glass on a blowpipe. Then colored glass is gathered and trailed over the clear to form the tentacles, followed by rolling and picking up colored frit glass for the underskirt of the dome. Lastly the dome color is dropped on top, then continuously shaped and formed, adding clear layers, and reheating the glass until it is done.




At this point it is removed from the pipe and put in an annealing oven that will slowly cool it down over 24 hours. After the annealing process the piece is ground, polished, signed and numbered, then it is logged into permanent ledger books. Each piece is shipped with a registration card.

Richard Satava - Passion Moon Jellyfish Blown Glass Sculpture - 4.5"


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